I can very highly recommend Brooke. I have been having acupuncture with him for several years. The treatments have been very beneficial in helping me to cope with demands of a shift work pattern that can cause havoc with the body’s natural rhythms such as sleep. The treatments have helped to regulate my sleep and improve my mood. Brooke has also helped allieviate my chronic back pain. I notice the effect of the treatments almost immediately
Tim Watson, Bradford-on-Avon
Acupuncture with Brooke helped me recover from tendonitis while meeting the demands of my training schedule. I really enjoy my treatments and have discovered the wider benefits of regular acupuncture with Brooke’s technique.
Samantha Murray, Silver Medallist Olympic Games London 2012 - Modern Pentathlete Team GB
Thanks Brooke. Without your time, energy and needles, I wouldn’t be winning all over the world! Fingers crossed for World No 1 in 2014! You’re a star!
James Greenwell, British Champion, 2014