I can very highly recommend Brooke. I have been having acupuncture with him for several years. The treatments have been very beneficial in helping me to cope with demands of a shift work pattern that can cause havoc with the body’s natural rhythms such as sleep. The treatments have helped to regulate my sleep and improve my mood. Brooke has also helped allieviate my chronic back pain. I notice the effect of the treatments almost immediately
Tim Watson, Bradford-on-Avon
Brooke is my go to for acupuncture. I first went 20 years ago for a period of intense stress and anxiety at work, which helped immensely calm and manage my energy. I’ve been for back treatments, for sciatica trapped nerves. I top up when I’m having periods of overwhelm for focus and decision making. Highly recommended. Always the first choice in Bath.
Kat Byles, Bradford-on-Avon
Wow! I visited Brooke having suffered from back pain for much of my life, I had thought it would be something I had to live with, but after just one session I was feeling transformed! After a few sessions my back pain has completely gone. Brooke is approachable and intuitive and definitely goes the extra mile for his patients! Highly recommended
Susan Hamilton, Bradford-on-Avon
Have suffered with severe back pain which physio and chiropractic attention had virtually given up on sorting. Brooke got me walking again and is helping with the issue of sciatica as well. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is in pain.
Nick Bassett, Bradford-on-Avon
Highly recommend Brooke for his wonderful skill and knowledge. I was totally unaware of the acupuncture and probably very sceptical. But the first time I met him I had a frozen left shoulder and couldn’t raise my hand to my head. A 20minutes session resulted in me getting straight back to work laying his hedge which I had gone to do. The second time, believing in his skills I had really bad sciatica
This took a few long sessions but over the month I was back to moving freely again and back to work. The last time I made reference to a spine injury l sustained in 1974 which had left me with a continual “pins and needles” feeling in my left thigh. I had grown used to it and never let it bother me. A series of treatment and this has gone. I’m 68yrs old, I don’t take any medications and I’ve never felt so fit. Well done Brooke, I’ll sing your praises and recommend you to everyone. Thanks a million for what you have done for a acupuncture sceptic ( converted)
Brian Hinton, Bradford-on-Avon
Acupuncture with Brooke helped me recover from tendonitis while meeting the demands of my training schedule. I really enjoy my treatments and have discovered the wider benefits of regular acupuncture with Brooke’s technique.
Samantha Murray, Silver Medallist Olympic Games London 2012 - Modern Pentathlete Team GB
Thanks Brooke. Without your time, energy and needles, I wouldn’t be winning all over the world! Fingers crossed for World No 1 in 2014! You’re a star!
James Greenwell, British Champion, 2014