My first visit to Brooke was with curiosity and hope as I had very little knowledge and no experience of acupuncture. I felt I was in good hands as I had spoken to other clients of Brooke’s who had had what I would consider to be remarkable results. You can now add me to that list of clients with remarkable results.
Being 39, fit, healthy and happy, I was initially only looking for acupuncture to work on reducing my hay fever. What I didn’t realize was how many other things it could help me with. After an initial fact find with Brooke he suggested he could help me manage stress, improve clarity of the mind and improve energy levels. These, in turn, could help me to maintain a healthier diet. I could never have imagined the difference these improvements would make to my day to day life, saving me money and improving my fitness and weight management.
Another recent session helped me conquer my lifelong fear and giddiness when near high edges.
Pleased is an understatement.
I have now sent several friends to Brooke with a variety of issues, they have all been as impressed as I have.
Dave Nutall, Trowbridge
I walked into Brooke’s clinic with a walking stick. After two treatments I threw it away!

Many members of my Bowl’s Club have had great results with Brooke. I am constantly recommending him to other people.

Barry John Smith
I first had acupuncture treatment with Brooke about a year and half ago. I had been suffering with very bad period pains, on and off, for years. After a couple of appointments I noticed the difference. Within a couple of months the pain had diminished completely. Brooke took time to ask me questions about my history and symptoms. His friendly approach put me at ease and he was respectful of my personal space. I’ve since been for treatment when I had cold symptoms and was so relieved to find that the acupuncture helped with that too. I won’t hesitate to see Brooke again if any other health complaints arise.
Roz, Bath
initially went to see Brooke as I was struggling to recover my energy following the flu. I remember feeling the difference the following day which surprised me. Also, interestingly, I noticed that the ongoing treatments had a positive effect on my mood. I had been feeling ‘low’ emotionally off and on for a few years and noticed that I felt ‘lighter’ and was better able to cope with life’s ups and downs. The difference in my energy levels and ability to fight off particularly the winter bugs has also been noticeable. Brooke was recommended to me by a friend and I have since had the pleasure of recommending him to my family and friends.
Olivia Smith, Bradford-on-Avon
Brooke is a highly- skilled acupuncture practitioner. His ease of manner and ability to listen immediately relaxed me. He works in a thorough and knowledgeable manner, diligently considering every symptom and working consistently to alleviate each one, alongside giving a very welcome boost to general energy levels.
During my pursuit to find relief from chronic nausea, dizziness, pain and fatigue, I was very relieved to find Brooke through a friend’s recommendations. In turn, I don’t hesitate to recommend him to other people.
R.B, Bath